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About Us

About Us
关 / 于 / 我 / 们
HOYNISE is a global wellness brand and committed to offer consumers with healthy and safe China tea and teaware products. Our mission is to make China’s premium whole loose leaf teas available to people worldwide, straight from the growers, without any middlemen involved. This ensures that all the earnings are retained in these regions, empowering each farmer to receive a better price to take a step towards a brighter tomorrow. Our home-grown brand guarantees fresh produce for consumers while retaining value at the source, ultimately helping every farmer get fair compensation.
Green Tea Encourages the Production
of Stomach Bacteria
The health benefits of Green Tea - Can drinking green tea extend your life?
知 / 识 / 拓 / 展
To investigate those goals, Michael uses another laboratory beyond the state of the arts campus at Tufts - himself!
“I regularly track blood-based biomarkers of as many organ systems as possible, but also markers found outside the blood, including blood pressure, lung function, and even the oral microbiome. My hypothesis is that I can slow aging, minimize disease risk, slow aging, and potentially maximize longevity with regular testing, followed by interventions aimed at improving systemic biomarkers."
Has reversed his biological clock by 20 years.
The benefits of drinking tea
喝 / 茶 / 好 / 处
Green Tea Exhibits Antioxidant Activity
blood pressure
Improve cardiac function
Promote the digestive system
Tea contains a large amount of catechins, which are unique to tea and have antioxidant effects. They can also lower cholesterol levels in the blood, prevent blood pressure from rising, and inhibit platelet aggregation, making it suitable for hypertensive patients to drink.
The catechins and their oxidative condensates in tea can slow down and sustain the stimulating effect of caffeine in tea, playing a role in refreshing and awakening the mind. Drinking tea regularly can help people maintain a clear mind.
Heart strengthening
Tea contains caffeine and theophylline components, which can directly act on the heart, stimulate the heart, and dilate the coronary artery, increasing the amount of blood entering the heart and improving heart function.
The benefits of drinking tea for teeth
It can prevent dental caries and remove dental plaque. The fluoride and polyphenols in tea can enhance the resistance of teeth to acidic substances, prevent bacterial corrosion of teeth, prevent dental caries and bad breath, and also remove dental plaque on the surface of teeth, making them whiter and brighter.